Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Importance of a Good First Signage Impression

Purdys- blade sign, Ontairio

Outside of the positive impact on your business growth, why else should you consider quality an important signage factor? Because it is the key to a positive first business impression. And a first impression can make or break...

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Did you know?

35% of passersby wouldn’t know your business was there without a sign.

Tell the world who you are with outdoor signage that highlights your business presence while promoting your company’s unique brand identity. At Atlas Sign and Awning, our beautifully crafted outdoor signs are available...

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Sign Maintenance

Did you know? Powering an LED sign costs on average less than $75 per year. The annual cost to keeping your exterior signage maintained isn’t much more and has just the same amount of impact. Maintaining your sign is crucial for maintaining your businesses image. Imagine what you’re telling customers about your...

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