To Retrofit to LED???

Energy Efficient Technology

In a growing effort toward reducing a business or organization’s carbon footprint: LEDs are more energy efficient than alternative forms of illumination by:

  • Using less power (watts) per unit of light (lumens).
  • Burning cooler; whereas incandescent bulbs emit 98% of their energy as heat.


Advantages to LED Illumination

Light Uniformity

Direct Light

LED illumination creates an even, attractive glow, without any “hot-spots” or irregular brightness.

Unlike fluorescent tubes which will physically burn-out, LED modules gradually fade in brightness (referred to as “half-life”: the point when the LEDs are half as bright as when installed), compared to fluorescent tubes which will burn out individually.

  • LEDs are directional; no light will unnecessarily illuminate sections of signage that will not be seen.


Maintenance Savings

It is in the maintenance that the benefits of undergoing an LED retrofit are primarily felt. Whereas typical fluorescent illumination only lasts for 10,000 hours, LED illumination can last from 50,000-100,000 hours (depending on the manufacturer), drastically reducing the amount of time service crews spend on site surveying and replacing burnt out bulbs.

The manufacturer-provided warranty reduces the costs involved with replacing malfunctioning modules.


Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce your carbon footprint with LED modules that contain no toxic mercury or glass and do not require careful disposal compared to T12 fluorescent bulbs.

  • Easily Disposable.


Corporate Image

By choosing LED illumination for your signage, your organization or business participates in national efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This demonstrates your corporate commitment to the environment, and allows your organization to present yourself as such.