On Premise Advertising

Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for a small business. It is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers. Today’s businesses compete in a highly competitive market, and must be able to communicate with customers quickly and effectively. The right sign can be a business’s most important advertising tools, used to create brand equity, or guide new customers to your door, and signs are on the job for you advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! The right sign can effectively allow small businesses to successfully compete with even the big box stores.

We live in a mobile society. Approximately 18% of households relocate each year, so as your customers move, you need to replace them by adding new customers.

Case Study – Megson Fitzpatrick Insurance Services

 The Value of Signs

Signs are the oldest form of communication known to man,  still the most cost effective form of advertising you can buy.  This has been proven by study after study. Here’s how one study reported their findings:

Television advertising: 30 second spot prime time $16.65 per 1000 impressions
Television advertising: 30 second spot late evening $10.60 per 1000 impressions
Magazine advertising: 1 page – 4 colour $ 7.90 per 1000 impressions
Daily news paper: 1/3 page black and white $ 7.75 per 1000 impressions
Radio: 30 second spot $ 4.10 per 1000 impressions
Off Premises signs: I.E. billboards etc. $ 2.83 per 1000 impressions
On Premises signs: at your location $ 1.40 per 1000 impressions



Warehouse One


The history of  Warehouse One and its brands over the years. Updating to a fresh new look.

Atlas Sign and Awning Worked with Warehouse One to rebrand 200 stores across Canada with in a 2 year time frame.



Signage Foundation

Value Provided by On-Premise Signs: Measuring the Economic Value to the Business Enterprise

The Right Time to Rebrand

When it comes to rebranding, there can be big risks and big rewards — and timing is everything.

Signs of Business

Every business needs one. Whether it’s over the main entrance, in the window, on the door, or a standalone structure, it helps customers find your front door and tells passersby about your presence