To Retrofit to LED???

Energy Efficient Technology

In a growing effort toward reducing a business or organization’s carbon footprint: LEDs are more energy efficient than alternative forms of illumination by:
  • Using less power (watts) per unit of light (lumens).
  • Burning cooler; whereas incandescent bulbs emit 98% of their energy as heat.

Advantages to LED Illumination

Light Uniformity

Direct Light LED illumination creates an even, attractive glow, without any “hot-spots” or irregular brightness. Unlike fluorescent tubes which will physically burn-out, LED modules gradually fade in brightness (referred to as “half-life”:...

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The Best Colour Combinations for a Sign

Visibility is the most important element in outdoor signage. Signage and other graphics meant to be easily seen and understood at a distance should use a simple, contrasting color scheme that stands out clearly. Below are some examples of the most visible color combinations for a sign.                   The best color combinations for signage An easy way to test visibility is to simply print the sign on letter-sized paper and view it from...

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