The Best Colour Combinations for a Sign

Visibility is the most important element in outdoor signage. Signage and other graphics meant to be easily seen and understood at a distance should use a simple, contrasting color scheme that stands out clearly. Below are some examples of the most visible color combinations for a sign.                   The best color combinations for signage An easy way to test visibility is to simply print the sign on letter-sized paper and view it from...

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With the hours of daylight getting shorter its also a good time to look at your signs

Daylight savings ends Sunday November 1st. Remember to set your clocks back one hour. With the hours of daylight getting shorter its also a good time to look at your signs! Are your channel letters dirty, is one or two of them not lighting? Does your pylon sign flicker, or not light up at all? Is your awning filthy and stained? Do you have broken neon that needs to be repaired or retro fitted with energy efficient LED's? Your signs are your...

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7 Tips to Ensure Failure of Your Small Business Signage

  Customers? Who needs 'em? Here is some tongue-in-cheek advice on how to not to create good business signage. 1. The Smaller, the WORST! If your goal is to make people completely forget about the existence of your company, it's vital that your signs blend in. People passing by your storefront signs only have a matter of milliseconds to notice them in their brains. If you want that information to spill right out as soon as it goes in, focus on making...

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